Our primary scope of services includes but not limited to the following

Manpower Sourcing

Sourcing and Recruitment of client manpower needs from the Philippines. Other Asian nationalities from Thailand, Malaysia, China and Vietnam are are also available through our partners/ overseas offices in the said region.

Recruitment Feasability

Provide consultaion and recommendation to prospecting employer with regards to legal recruitment of the manpower exporting countries, appropriate renumeration packages, recruitment plans, strategies and timetables among others.

Pre-screening and Evaluation

Pre-screen, evaluate and recommend suitable candidates in accordance to client specification.


Skills enhancement training as per client's specification on qualification.

Accreditation of Job Orders

Provide assistance on paperworks preparation to ensure all legalities of the manpower exporting country are compiled with. In the philippines, we call this Job Order Accreditation.

Hosting Interview

Interview arrangements and Visa assistance to visiting interview delegates, including hotel bookings and free local transportation.

Medical Examination

Making sure candidates are fit to work.

Travel Documentations

Travel papers documentation and processing from the exporting countries.

Pre-departure Orientation

Conducts pre departure review of employment terms and conditions, and orientation to departing candidate to ensure their full awareness and mental, psychological readiness for the duration of the employment period.

Booking and Airport Transport

Booking of Airline ticket and Airport assistance at the time of departure.

Post Deployment Service

Post deployment monitoring of each workers welfare, counseling and assistance to the worker and his family as the need arise.